What I love about The Bindu Tribe

Years ago, I read an article that described how yoga friends are different than non-yoga friends. It went on to explain that yogis and yoginis have typically been through some tough s*#! in their lives and that the practice of yoga helps them process and persevere. But to me, that’s only half of the story. […]

New Year’s Resolutions

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Happy New Year! 2017 rolls out before us like a vast expanse of winter landscape touched by the sun. Spacious. Everything is possible. The horizon seems endless. This spaciousness often inspires us to create grand intentions for the year… which, when we dive back into the busyness of our normal routines, often get scattered and […]

From Karly with Gratitude

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A few weeks ago, we received this letter from regular student and amazing photographer, Karly Wood. We were touched and happy that she thought so highly of her experience at The Bindu and wanted to share it with you. I wanted to take some time to show and share my gratitude for The Bindu. I have […]

Sally and Sari Unplugged!

Sari unplugged at LOTUS Shrine, Yogaville

Sally Frank, Owner of The Bindu. Sari Weston, Studio Director…. What happens when two yoga teachers become students for a weekend? The Journey This Mother’s Day weekend saw us heading up the highway to Buckingham, Virginia – home of the Satchidananda Ashram, otherwise known as “Yogaville.” Loaded up with our yoga mats, plenty of yoga […]

Weights to Yoga and Back Again

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If you read Kelley’s recent blog post, Mastering New Skills for Optimal Health, then you know that adding weights to your practice can be very beneficial. In fact, I’m a walking testament to that fact. Here’s my story. Weight Training – Where it All Began As an 88-pound 19-year old college sophomore, I was dared by […]

5 Reasons Why Alignment Matters

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Down Dog

Almost 20 years ago, I happened upon an alignment-based hatha yoga workshop, and it began an important new chapter in my practice and teaching. I’m not quite sure what I was teaching the previous 7 years, but finding a system that taught principles that support the balance of stability and optimal mobility, was personally empowering […]

Mastering New Skills for Optimal Health

Yoga with weights

A 2015 article in Fitness Magazine titled Why Aren’t More Women Lifting Weights? stresses that despite the universally acknowledged health benefits of resistance training, from reducing blood pressure to warding off arthritis and strengthening bones, muscle, and connective tissue, only a third of the almost 13 million women who belong to health clubs lift free […]

Confessions of a Yogi

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I have a confession to make. I’ve been struggling with something for a while, keeping this dark secret from my yogi friends.  Sometimes it even makes me feel like I’m not a “good” yogi. I have back pain. There, I said it. I’m like millions who suffer with back pain and refuse to do anything […]

What Does Yoga Mean to You?

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I was pondering my practice the other day and recounting the numerous ways it affects my life.  I’m not talking about yoga poses that I like or loathe, but more about how not doing yoga feels as foreign as putting my left high-heeled shoe on my right ear.  So I came up with a short […]

Who is your Yoga Hero?

If you live in the yoga world, even on the periphery, you have seen stunning images or videos of seemingly perfect people doing perfect poses.  You would think that these are my yoga heroes. They are not. While they are lovely to watch and can even be a source of inspiration, my yoga heroes are […]

Yoga IS for Men

BuzzFeed Buzz Kill I hate to be a buzz kill, really I do, but when I saw BuzzFeed’s video, Men Try Yoga for the First Time, I cringed.  While the video was funny, and clearly designed to debunk many men’s perceptions that yoga is easy, BuzzFeed managed to reinforce some of the most damaging myths […]

Beginning a Meaningful 2015

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As the past year comes to a close and we welcome the vast expanse of the first days of 2015, it is a potent time for setting intentions for the new year. Maybe you are an avid creator of resolutions, and find great enjoyment in setting them down on good paper. Maybe you scribble them […]

Yoga: The Gift that Keeps Giving

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As your calendar and to-do list fill up this holiday season, holiday duties invariably begin to overtake your normal routine.  Perhaps that lunchtime walk around the block is replaced by breaking bread with friends or colleagues to mark the holidays.  Or, perhaps you stay home to shop online or wrap presents instead of going to […]

Mala Beads for Meditation

Why Use Mala Beads for Meditation? We may think that we are good multitaskers, but the mind can actually only focus on one thing at a time — it is just very quick!  One of the most common difficulties in meditation is quieting the mind from bouncing from one thought to the next and not […]

Why use Ayurveda products?

What is Ayurveda? Ayurveda is a Sanskrit word that means the science or wisdom of life.  It is an understanding of nature that can be applied to human life.  Ayurveda considers all levels of the individual (body, mind, spirit) and offers natural ways of treating disease and promoting health — and emphasizes prevention.  Dr. John Douillard […]