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Why I Love Gentle Yoga

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I have always loved teaching yoga, and over the years, I have discovered a special love for teaching Gentle Yoga. Even though my own practice tends to be a bit more active, I ALWAYS find time to slow it down and enjoy treating my body with greater care. I truly believe that Gentle Yoga brings us all to a place of deep stillness, where we can begin to truly listen to our bodies, our minds, our true spirit.

The Gift of Slowing Down

Gentle YogaWe live in an incredibly fast paced world, right? There is SO much information available at our fingertips. As a Massage Therapist for 17 years, I worked with people who were caught up in the fast lane and buried under so much stress. However, when they gave themselves the gift of slowing down, they began to realize what a huge difference it made in their lives. And, truly, it was not only a gift to them, but to me as well. I finally found my niche in the yoga world!

The Benefits of Gentle Yoga

Stressed, overwhelmed, too busy… does that sound like you? Here’s what Gentle Yoga can mean for you:

  • ​Slowing down…allowing the breath and slower, more purposeful movements to help us find a balance in our physical and energetic bodies. This is Gentle Yoga.
  • ​Releasing muscular tension to improve blood flow. This is Gentle Yoga.
  • ​Improving circulation to help reduce pain and stress. This is Gentle Yoga.
  • ​Tuning into your muscles and breath. This is Gentle Yoga.
  • ​Taking the time to quiet the noise all around you, and tune into how you are feeling on all levels. This is Gentle Yoga.

Sometimes we need a reminder that the word “Yoga” means “Unity” — not “workout,” not “sweating,” and certainly not “push past the pain.” As we welcome a slower, more mindful practice, we begin to realize how it can benefit not only our body, but our mind and our spirit as well.

Gentle Yoga for All

​​I honestly believe that this practice can benefit everyone: those of you who are healing from an injury, or the seasoned yogi in need of a place to slow down and connect deeply with the breath. Practicing Gentle Yoga will help you feel better, heal your body naturally, and give you the strength and courage to create a life that you love!

​​If you can breathe, you can do yoga! And join me for a Gentle Yoga class Mondays at 11:30am.

Mary DeRIsi

Mary DeRisi

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