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Beginning a Meaningful 2015

posted 01/2/152 comments

As the past year comes to a close and we welcome the vast expanse of the first days of 2015, it is a potent time for setting intentions for the new year. Maybe you are an avid creator of resolutions, and find great enjoyment in setting them down on good paper. Maybe you scribble them on the back of your hand, or write them on a memo board. Sometimes I like to write mine on little scraps of paper and hide them places where I’ll find them again and again over the course of the year.

Energy flows from Intention

However you inscribe your resolutions, it is less important than what you resolve and how you come to that place of resolution. It is said that energy follows intention. Where you place the focus of your intention is where your energy will naturally flow. Creating an intention is like carving a beautifully arcing line in the sand on a pristine beach in the morning, an arc that slightly alters the path of the water as the waves glide onto the shore. Like the waves, your course has great potential to change, based on what and how you resolve.

Therefore, creating an intention inspired by your connection to your highest Self – and your highest purpose and meaning in your life — is worthy of your time and interest. So take some time with that Self this week. Go big. Do practices that get you out of your smaller, more reactive mind, and into your heart. Get yourself to yoga class, and appreciate the gift of this breath, this body, this life.

Go Bi2015 intention settingg

If your resolutions sound a little harsh, or berating, like “This year I resolve to get off my lazy butt more,” give yourself more time to connect with your highest. Ask yourself: what is the overarching intention that leads me to want good things for myself? What’s the big picture? Maybe it’s learning radical self-love. Maybe it’s freeing up your energy to do good for others. Maybe it’s teaching yourself the discipline that can lead you towards serving your dharma, your purpose, more fully.

When you are truly inspired by a big-picture intention, you’ll find that the more specific intentions – the actions – flow easily from there. Here’s where you can get concrete. What behaviors and actions will you commit yourself to, to serve the big picture? It can be helpful to list specific things that you will do this week, this month, the second half of this year, remembering always that intention leads to energy, which leads to action.

Or Go Simple

That said, there have been years where January 1 has found me simply chanting a single word to myself, a word that I carry through the year and which means different things at different times. Simplification, even in intention-setting, can be an important practice, too!

2015 has the potential to be a year of great growth and great love. Let your brilliant soul light the way towards intentions that light you up. Love and health to all of you in the New Year!




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