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The Effect of Someone Special

posted 08/14/172 comments

Every now and then, someone walks into a place and changes it for the better. When Megan Baxter first showed up in my yoga classes at The Bindu, I had no idea that the uber-flexible redhead would have such an impact on our studio.

Megan’s Approach to Yoga

Megan Baxter
Uber-flexible, uber-lovely Megan

Curious, engaged, and with a strong yoga practice that demonstrates a clear understanding of alignment, Megan has a calm energy and presence that drew me to ask more about her. When I learned that she was actually an experienced yoga teacher who had just moved to town, I immediately knew we had to have her teaching at The Bindu.

I knew she’d be a great teacher. But what I didn’t know was that she would make us better. She jumped right into teaching, taking on an early-morning class and adding classes along the way. She volunteered her time selflessly to events like our International Yoga Day Open House and Yoga on the Green. Whenever we have needed anything, from a substitute for a class, to a sound bite on our video… Megan has been there.

Deepening our Welcome

Even more importantly, Megan brought to us an understanding of the way in which yoga can be used to create a safe space to honor all individuals regardless of size, shape, orientation, or level of experience. While these ethics have always been a part of what we strive to offer at The Bindu, Megan helped us to clarify and deepen our welcome, be more sensitive, and go even further in making people comfortable in their skin and in our space.

She has given her students a way to clearly communicate whether they would like to be assisted physically during class or not. She donated her time to conceive, launch, and teach a class called Equality Yoga, a “radically inclusive” yoga class that welcomed the LGBTQIA++ community. Proceeds from that class, including her teaching fees, went to organizations that work for the betterment of LGBTQIA++ lives. Simply by being who she is and raising our awareness, Megan has made The Bindu a better place.

The Next Exciting Chapter

Megan Baxter
Wishing Megan well!

And now, Megan is about to embark on a great adventure – moving to Sweden to study political science. We will miss her so much, but we send her off with blessings, gratitude, and good wishes for the next evolution in how she puts her positive mark on the world. Her impact on The Bindu will remain in the form of radical inclusiveness, sensitivity, and body-positive yoga.

Come join Megan for her final classes this week: Wednesday at 8 am (Flow and Fly), Thursday at 7 pm (Basic Yoga), and Sunday at 6:30 pm (Restorative Yoga).

With love & gratitude,

Sari & Sally

Sari & Sally

2 thoughts on “The Effect of Someone Special

  1. I am new to Bindu this year but have been in many of Megan’s classes and she will be sorely missed by me! I wish her well in her new adventure abroad!

  2. Wow! This blog about Megan brought tears to my eyes. It reinforced what I have always known about the power of a positive spirit/positive soul. I could feel the giant impact she has had on all of you that have had the pleasure of knowing her. It literally jumped off the page to my soul.

    It just goes to show that we can make a difference in our world with making sure we are always projecting love, a kind spirit, and an encouraging and uplifting spirit to all. What a difference the world would be. As John Lennon wrote, “Imagine………………”.

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