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From Karly with Gratitude

posted 08/3/16No comments

A few weeks ago, we received this letter from regular student and amazing photographer, Karly Wood. We were touched and happy that she thought so highly of her experience at The Bindu and wanted to share it with you.

Karly Wood
Karly Wood

I wanted to take some time to show and share my gratitude for The Bindu. I have sampled several yoga classes in the area, and The Bindu is far and away the best in my opinion.

It is because of the gifted teachers. I go to Kelley and Sari’s classes on the weekend. I’ve also taken a great class from Sally, who was amazing. Their special gifts include being able to actually teach yoga rather than just stretching, which I find so many classes do nowadays. They always have a lovely story they incorporate into class that has a lovely jewel to focus on during your practice if that suits you. I work hard during the class, but I never find myself staring at the clock like I do in many other classes.

I’m grateful for the wonderful sense of community created in the classes. I’ve never seen so much hugging happening at a class, and even if you are not a hugger, it’s nice to watch and it creates a lovely friendly supportive energy as everyone is in it together.

In the months that I’ve been doing Kelley and Sari’s weekend classes, my body has gotten a lot stronger in the right places, enabling me to do more safely. I noticed a significant change in the healing of my injuries that I have from years of yoga in LA.

Kelley is incredibly knowledgeable about yoga and Indian philosophy. I really enjoy how she makes esoteric philosophy understandable and relatable in her stories. Sari always offers a beautiful poem or message as well. I find I actually look forward to their stories.

Kelley knows more about the mechanics of the body than any yoga teacher I have practiced under, and the detail she goes into is really helpful as far as learning to practice properly rather than just going through the motions. Sari, too, is always giving details that I didn’t think of or know about and excels at guiding in the small details. She also has the most joyful bright energy about her; I can’t help but smile when I see her. I really want to get to one of her meditation practices that she offers periodically at The Bindu.

So if you are looking for a true yoga practice, The Bindu is the place. If you have the chance to try a class, I highly recommend it.


Karly Wood

Our goal is always to offer an experience of yoga that is deep, safe, and educational.

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