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Guises – Halloween, Let Your Freak Flag Fly Free!

posted 10/31/17No comments

A guest blog from our lovely instructor, Maria Patella

Costumes— why do we like to put them on?

Halloween YogaOne theory is we get to role play. We get to explore a side of our personalities, express feelings and creativity in a safe and invited manner.
Often in life, we feel confined, forcing ourselves into the role we are enacting (mother, son, lawyer, etc) and in doing so suppress other feelings, ideas and expressions. To be human means we hold the full gamut of human emotion from sublime happiness, joy and beauty to sadness, anger and horror within. How do we express it at the appropriate time in a manner that is both a release and an offering; in a manner that serves both the individual and the world at large?

In meditation we melt, for a time, the limited identity we hold so rigid and merge into that wholeness. Then, when we enact each part of our magnificent selves this wholeness will naturally, spontaneously and profoundly be reflected.

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