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It’s Time for Neck and Shoulder Love

posted 01/21/19No comments

Where do you carry your stress?

We all carry stress in our bodies. When I ask students where they hold the most stress, 95% say, “My neck and shoulders.” This pain comes from tight and/or weak muscles, imbalances, injuries, and long-standing postural patterns. Most of us spend way too much time sitting at computers, driving, and texting. For those who carry tension in their upper bodies, shoulders and necks can get pretty cranky.

Posture and strengthening may be as important as stretching

Chronic “head forward” positioning is tiring to the muscles of the upper back and neck. Many people experience upper back/trapezius tension as tightness and believe the cure is more stretching. It may seem counterintuitive, but the “traps” can also be weak and simply overworked. Learning how to strengthen the trapezius can help.

Neck and shoulder tension can lead to headaches, fatigue, and generalized pain. Most of us are completely unconscious of poor posture until we feel fatigued or are in pain. As our tissues adapt to poor posture, it becomes harder to make lasting healthy postural changes. That’s why we need experiential reminders of various ways we can reduce upper body tension and neck/shoulder pain.

Release tension through yoga and ball rolling

Specific yoga therapeutics and body rolling on 6-9” balls are two very effective ways to reduce neck and shoulder tension. Yoga helps your spine, chest, and shoulders to open up, bringing your whole body into better balance. The more conscious you are in your body, the easier it is to change old, unhealthy patterns.

Ball rolling frees restrictions in the body and helps reeducate muscles to support positive postural changes. Once you have experienced muscles fully releasing through your work on the ball, you will have body rolling skills to use whenever you need them. Imagine enjoying greater range of motion and freedom from pain all because you practice re-aligning your own body every day!

Take care of your neck and shoulders!

I hope you will join me Sunday, February 10th for this special 2-hour workshop dedicated to releasing neck and shoulder tension. No yoga experience is necessary. Register online or next time you visit the studio.  Early bird discount is $40. After February 1st, the price is $45.

This is excellent self-care. You’ll love how you feel afterwards.

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