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Join Kelley: Bones, Muscles, and Heart Health Yoga

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Yoga + Walk + Weights

Thursdays 8:15-9:30am

Mixed Level (3-4 months of Basics/Mixed)

Wear your walking shoes!

by Kelley Gardner

As yoga practitioners and active, vibrant people, we can be surprised by age-related loss in muscle mass, bone density issues, as well as the effects of natural hormonal and metabolic changes in our bodies.  I remember the year I realized that all the good stuff I did to be strong, supple, and healthy (yoga, pranayama, meditation, and walking) was no longer enough. Two ways I have helped myself feel strong and vital again are adding yoga with light free weights to my practice and interval walk/jogging.

Yoga + Cardio + Core Strength

yoga with weights
Molly Toll-Reed gaining strength and flexibility

For the past several years, a seriously fun group of women (average age 55) have gathered once a week at The Bindu to practice yoga and more. We consciously build upper body, back, and core strength, cardiovascular health, and stronger bones.

Reread that last sentence.  Do you know how cool that is?

Hatha (physical) yoga is, among other things, strength training. It uses your own body’s weight for resistance work which results in toned muscles and joint stability. But over time, we often find sneaky ways to bypass and compensate for weakness and imbalances in our bodies. The addition of light free weights, strategically used in specific yoga poses, targets those sneaky patterns and assists in rebalancing the body and training the brain to think differently.

Like you, my time is valuable. The two places I like to exercise/practice each week are The Bindu and out in nature. The vibe of the yoga studio is a constant reminder that movement with intention and fueled by good breathing techniques, is how I want to live life. The fact that we can focus on good asana alignment and breathing while using free weights means that my time each Thursday morning is very well spent!


Please enjoy reading a couple testimonials from current students and consider joining us this week!  Remember to wear your walking/jogging shoes.

Since its inception, I have been a part of the Thursday 8:15 am Strength and Endurance Yoga Class with Kelley Gardner.  This class builds core, upper body and leg strength.  It helps with balance and stamina.  It has definitely helped me with other yoga classes.  I can sustain poses like plank or side plank longer and with more confidence. The weights are optional and I have increased weights over time. I don’t run, but I do walk briskly. And, we laugh in this class!  Yes, we sweat too, but we benefit greatly from the class and the camaraderie and we have fun doing it.

– Ann Brindisi,

This class offers the perfect combination of strengthening and stretching. It incorporates a brisk walk (or a jog if you prefer), free weights and yoga to build stability, vitality and endurance.  You will progress safely, at your own pace, under excellent instruction, to strengthen your heart and bones and also increase your flexibility gaining maximum benefit from each session.”

-Kat Baron

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