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Mandala Painting as Meditation

posted 06/23/173 comments

What is meditation?

Is it sitting cross-legged while repeating a mantra? Sure, that’s a great version of it, but it can be so much less formal and so much more personal with the same outcome.

To me, meditation is anything that requires our full attention with the intention of letting go of everything else. If you can disappear into it, it’s meditation, but it’s the intention that takes any task from mindless to mindful. This can be really beautiful and creative, like painting, or it can be as seemingly boring as vacuuming. How you approach any task is what makes it something — or just a thing.

Yoga: Meditation in Movement

For example, in the physical practice of yoga, doing the poses themselves offers (among other benefits) increased flexibility and strengthening of the body. But, if you dive fully into yourself while you do it, it can become something entirely different. Something rich that can fuel the intangible energy within ourselves. Something that raises a mirror to our pride and takes us down a notch. Something that gives us whatever we really need, if we allow ourselves to receive it.

Mandala Meditation

Meditating with the Mandala
Meditating with the Mandala

Throughout the painting process of the new mandala in the studio, I kept finding myself getting lost in the strokes, carefully wielding the brush with a specific amount of pressure, a specific amount of paint, honing my attention into so small of a detail that there was no way to process anything else, bringing me to a meditative state. Whether alone or with the many who helped make this project a reality, chunks of time would fly by as we lost ourselves in the beauty of creation.

So simple a task, yet for all of us, we were transported somewhere else. That place was unique to each of us, inspired by the same action. We were so present and mindful that nothing else mattered, and for those of us that took the time to consider it, we gained a deeper appreciation for the things that really do matter.

To the Bindu, I am sincerely grateful for the opportunity to leave such a mark on a space that means so much to me. This tiny gift is a mere fraction of the beauty I have received from the community and experience over the years.

To those that helped me (and those that wanted to!) I thank you for your generosity of time and energy. I’m glad we got to meditate together, and look forward to more opportunities to do that again in any form.

To everyone else, vacuuming party at my house?

Gianni Masciopinto

Gianni Masciopinto

3 thoughts on “Mandala Painting as Meditation

  1. While not physically present, I have followed your progress via Facebook and been inspired by your creativity. I very much enjoyed my time spent at the Bindu during my YTT . It is a beautiful space and the people were very welcoming. Thank you for sharing your gift

  2. The mandala fills our space with beauty and something else I can’t put into words. Perhaps it is the mindful vibe surrounding the creation. Thank you for sharing your gift.

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