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Meet Instructor, Georgia Ferguson

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Georgia Ferguson leads Basic Classes at The Bindu. In this blog, she explains a bit about her teaching style, her life, and why she loves yoga.

Why Georgia Loves Yoga

I deeply value my practice because it is my most self-informative space. It bridges my spirituality with my physical wellness. My favorite part of physical asana is finding new understanding in how to create space in my body. This happens reliably due to my practice of alignment-based yoga asana. I love teaching because of the dramatic effect the practice has had in my own life. I believe when we can share our own joy, understandings, and practices we are transforming humanity. We are called to be in community. I also enjoy finding ways to help students settle and openly consider themselves from a “birds eye,” perspective so to speak, by offering readings and intention guidance before we begin. Quiet meditation is foundational for me, a bedrock I can return to again and again.

Georgia’s Basic Classes

The basic classes I teach allow for self exploration because we break down the familiar poses and make time to find where we can connect the cues, within our bodies. I welcome questions within the practice from students, so our space feels safe to dialogue when needed.

Georgia’s Style and Approach

For example, we began last night and (will continue over the next few weeks) breaking apart Sun Salutation B. We are beginning with the transition from Mountain Pose to Chair Pose, as well as warming in Crescent (High Lunge) so that Warrior 1 can manifest with more ease. Within each of these poses we are studying; connecting breath to movement, awakening muscles sufficiently so alignment can be secured, and connecting how actions in a pose can easily translate to another pose.

Where are we physically in space and where is neutrality found in the spine? How does external rotation in our arms inform rooting our shoulder blades down toward our bottoms? How we can find this in Warrior 1 arms and translate it to strong Down Dog arms? These are the questions we are answering currently. When we finish in a few weeks, a student should be able to move through Sun Salutation B with confidence because they are practicing safe alignment and have found new space within their bodies.

About Georgia

I am married and have the blessing of raising three children with my husband Mark. We have lived in Cornelius for four years. We moved here from the Midwest and love our new community! We all enjoy our two Boxer canines Oliver and Jewel, as well as recreational time on the water.

Georgia’s Class Schedule

Georgia teaches Basic Classes 3 days a week:

  • Mondays, 9:45 am
  • Tuesdays, 6:30 pm
  • Thursdays, 6:30 pm

I hope to be practicing with you soon! ~ Georgia

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