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Mindful Transitions

posted 08/24/17No comments

A guest blog from Camille Wilson

Have you ever been stuck or at a crossroads in your life?

I have.

I have been through big, difficult upheavals…childhood trauma, sudden loss of my dad as a young adult, going through a divorce with four young kids…

There were times when I did not know how I was going to survive. Times of fear, betrayal, confusion, even hopelessness… but getting through these times, I became stronger and more resilient.

And there have been periods of positive life transition…moving to a new state, a midlife career change, remarriage after being a single mom for over a decade, becoming an “empty nester” …times which were filled with excitement, yes, but also with fear and the challenge of letting go.

It is hard to let go.

Let me introduce myself. My name is Camille Wilson and many of you know me as a long-time student at The Bindu.

I am also a mom, wife, new grandma, former educator, licensed therapist, and certified life coach. And, yes, I am passionate about helping others to navigate their life journey. I have a private practice in Davidson, Full Journey Counseling & Wellness.

I know what it is like to ride the rapids of everyday life. I am fascinated by transitions…leaves turning bright autumn colors and falling away, buds opening seemingly overnight into beautiful blossoms in the Spring.

Change from the start

As human beings, we face change and transition from the very start. Life shifts in powerful and often unexpected ways. Transitions can feel threatening, so we often respond by resisting, digging in our heels, and shutting down. It is hard to let go of what is familiar and to move towards something that feels unsteady, uncertain, and unknown, isn’t it?

The truth is: in the midst of transitions, we can be transformed, both inside and out.

Do you want to be transformed?

Do you want to learn how to embrace transitions mindfully and choose growth over fear?

Mindful TransitionsIf you are curious, be sure to check out the upcoming Mindful Transitions Workshop at The Bindu!  On September 6, I will be co-leading an experiential workshop with Sari Weston which will include both an inspiring, yet practical, conversation and a gentle yoga practice that will focus specifically on the nature of transitions.

Whether you are in the early phases of restlessness or in the midst of full-blown change, I hope you will join us! This workshop will be offered twice at different times/days in order to accommodate your schedule. Bring your friends – no transition too small, no yoga experience necessary!

And, one more thing.

If you are interested in working in an intimate, small group process specifically designed to help you move through your personal journey of transition with other fellow travelers, stay tuned. The Bindu is providing a safe space to do transformational work this fall! Find out more at the workshop or by contacting me at 704.980.9599.

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