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New Year’s Resolutions

posted 12/29/16No comments

Happy New Year! 2017 rolls out before us like a vast expanse of winter landscape touched by the sun. Spacious. Everything is possible. The horizon seems endless.

This spaciousness often inspires us to create grand intentions for the year… which, when we dive back into the busyness of our normal routines, often get scattered and left by the wayside.

Turning Intention Into Action

How do we turn intention into real action that creates the life we want to live?

This is a conscious process which can be supported by our yoga practice. Yoga and meditation build self-awareness and focus, and they help us clear out the resistance and self-sabotaging habits that stand between our intention and our actions.

Centered, Grateful, Mindful

First, get centered and let your mind travel through the past year. Hold gratitude for all that has brought you to this place. Visualize and feel grateful for all the good from the past year, including lessons learned from challenging events and situations.

Next, accept where you are, right now, in this moment. Invoke a feeling of gratitude for the good in your life. Look for, and appreciate, the good – first!

Then, contemplate intentions for the coming year. What would serve the highest good for yourself and your loved ones? How would you like to feel? What would you like to be doing? What habits would you like to shift? These can be simple, one-word intentions. Consider the wording. Get quiet and feel how it would feel to have carried out your intention.

Next, use your words. Bring your intentions out of your mind and into the world in the form of language. Write them down in a journal or jot them on a piece of paper that you tack up on your fridge. Tell a friend about them. Say them to yourself during yoga, or on long walks. At the Bindu, we’ve created a space on our Vision Board, where we’d love for you to jot down your intention and tack it up. It can be totally anonymous, but you will see it each time you walk by it.

Then, investigate your blocks. What might stand in your way between your intention and the actions that will bring it to fruition? What are the resistances, old or limiting beliefs, or self-sabotaging habits that you can envision causing trouble for you? Write those down, and under each one, consider strategies for dealing with them.

Take Action

Make a plan. Identify steps, or small, concrete actions you can take that will build towards your goal.

Finally, MOVE! Movement is the gap between intention and action. Take one step. Then, take the next. Move in alignment with your intention, move away from resistance or self-sabotage, move mindfully … because no matter what your intention is, movement is what will bring you closer to achieving your goal. All the mental preparation in the world doesn’t help if you keep pressing the snooze button on your life. Even if your intention is to rest more, it requires movement, in terms of actually getting yourself to bed, and accomplishing enough in your waking hours to have the time for a full night’s sleep.

We hope you fill our Vision Board with great intentions for the coming year, and look forward to hearing about them.

With blessings of love, peace, health and joy in 2017,

Sally and Sari

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