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What Does Yoga Mean to You?

posted 06/30/15No comments

I was pondering my practice the other day and recounting the numerous ways it affects my life.  I’m not talking about yoga poses that I like or loathe, but more about how not doing yoga feels as foreign as putting my left high-heeled shoe on my right ear.  So I came up with a short list. See what you think and then tell us what yoga means to you.

Yoga Keeps Me Sane

Life can be crazy, and there are no indicators that it is going to change anytime soon. When my mind and heart are racing, I turn to my practice. I try to breathe, stretch and slow down enough to examine the root of the racing.  Just like an uncomfortable pose, stress is something that we cannot avoid but must learn to cope with in a healthy way:  taking a deeper breath, a change in perspective, a move in a different direction, or choosing to not let it bother you. On and off the mat, yoga has taught me to step back, become more introspective and deal with the underlying issues in a more measured and sane way.

I Get to Be Just a Yogi

The minute I walk into a sacred space, whether it be The Bindu, another studio, my house of worship, or just surrounded by nature, I automatically become my yogi-self, breathing more deeply and being more conscious and purposeful.  As I take off my shoes in preparation to practice, I metaphorically discard all the roles I play in my normal life and just become myself, my essence. (Sigh)

Have Fun with Imperfections

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been sharing my thoughts on trying to be perfect, both in class and on our blog.  I like to remind myself that my practice is the only place I can fall on my ass and laugh about it.  And let’s face it, if we were all perfect, we’d be boooo-ring!  It’s the imperfections that draw us to one another — to help, to commiserate, to say, “I love you anyway!!

What does your practice mean to you?  Sharing our journeys is such an important part of being a community.  Tell us!







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