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Yoga: The Gift that Keeps Giving

posted 11/17/14No comments

As your calendar and to-do list fill up this holiday season, holiday duties invariably begin to overtake your normal routine.  Perhaps that lunchtime walk around the block is replaced by breaking bread with friends or colleagues to mark the holidays.  Or, perhaps you stay home to shop online or wrap presents instead of going to yoga class.

WHAT?!  Do you actually miss yoga class to tend to holiday responsibilities?  It can be so tempting to cross yoga off your to-do list to make room for other things.  Here are three VERY important reasons why you shouldn’t:

If this guy can make time for yoga, so can you!
If this guy can make time for yoga, so can you!
 (Image from Geoff Muskett)

Yoga is always good for you. 

In times of extreme busyness or stress (even the good kind), yoga can become your anchor, helping you weather the turbulent times.

Yoga makes you happy.

In our practice, we stop, take stock and find ourselves deep in the moment with a lightness and sense of gratitude that we may be otherwise too distracted to cultivate.

Yoga brings out your best.

If you really want to be your best for your family and friends, then you need to feel balanced, content and unaffected by the swirl of holiday activity.  And where can you find that balance, contentment and steadiness of spirit? On your mat, among your fellow yogis.

So this holiday season, when your mind goes, “Should I run that errand or go to yoga?” listen to your inner teacher and head on over to studio.  You and your loved ones will be glad you did!

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