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Yoga IS for Men

posted 02/7/151 comment

BuzzFeed Buzz Kill

I hate to be a buzz kill, really I do, but when I saw BuzzFeed’s video, Men Try Yoga for the First Time, I cringed.  While the video was funny, and clearly designed to debunk many men’s perceptions that yoga is easy, BuzzFeed managed to reinforce some of the most damaging myths about men in yoga.  As a yoga student, teacher and studio owner, I’m compelled to set the record straight.
yoga is for men

Myth 1: Yoga is for women.

Fact: Yoga was originally practiced by men exclusively. As noted in this Yoga Journal article from 2007 and numerous scholarly texts, “ . . . [yoga] since its beginnings in India thousands of years ago, has mainly been studied and taught by men.”

Myth 2: Yoga is for pretzel people.

Fact: It is non-pretzels who stand to gain the most from a regular yoga practice.  Speaking from my own experience and the anecdotal evidence of practicing and teaching for 17+ years, those of us who are less flexible (myself included) see and feel improvements more rapidly than flexible people and enjoy the practice immensely.

Myth 3: Yoga instructors are spandex-clad drill sergeants.

Fact:  A well-trained yoga instructor is characterized by his or her compassion, knowledge and skill in helping all students practice at their own level. If you ever feel pushed beyond your capability in a yoga class, grab and mat and run for the door, because that teacher is not there for you, but to stroke his or her own ego.

So there you have it.  BuzzFeed – busted – again.  At The Bindu, our guys inspire us and we love to see them on their mats as much as possible.  Look forward to more inspiration from real-life students, coming up soon on this blog!




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