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Who is your Yoga Hero?

posted 06/2/15No comments

If you live in the yoga world, even on the periphery, you have seen stunning images or videos of seemingly perfect people doing perfect poses.  You would think that these are my yoga heroes.

They are not.

My Yoga Hero

While they are lovely to watch and can even be a source of inspiration, my yoga heroes are very different, indeed.

My yoga heroes are curious, tenacious, deep and audaciously imperfect.

Let me explain.

yoga heroFor the last 30 or so years, I’ve been a gym rat, yogini or some combination of both.  It is easy for me to walk into a studio or gym and feel at home.

The Yoga First-timer

But imagine the amount of courage it takes to walk into that first yoga class! Imagine the enormous fortitude required to attempt that first down dog.  Yes, you guessed it. Newbies are some of my favorite yoga heroes.

The Injured Yogi/Yogini

Or how about the person that shows up to practice with an injury? How brave and dedicated a student is to share their weakness and then with guidance from the instructor, have the creativity to modify their practice.  These are my Fighter Heroes.

The “Still-Waiting-for-the-Thrill” Yogi/Yogini

And I have one more kind of yoga hero. I call these the Reluctant Heroes.  They are the ones that intellectually know that yoga is good for them, but haven’t quite caught yoga fever yet.  They come to class after class, searching for the morsel of goodness that will propel them into a steady joy-filled practice, one that they actually crave regularly.

So, those are my yoga heroes.  Who are your yoga heroes?





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