Practice Happy

Whether you’re a first-timer, or an experienced yogi – at The Bindu Yoga Studio you’ll find a warm, friendly and challenging way to brighten your mood any (or every) day of the week.

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Learn about each of our class levels:


Gentle or deep stretching. Students are invited to fully release into their practice, often paired with guided meditation and breath work. Good for beginners or experienced students who want a restorative practice. Click Here to see Relaxing Classes.


Increased Energy. More energetic than the relaxing classes. Students are invited to move through slow flows and deep stretches. Good for beginners or experienced students who want to a more active practice. Click Here to see Moderate Classes.


High energy class. Students are moving faster through sequences and flows (vinyasa) linking the movement to their breath. Good for all student who want to be energized by their practice. Click Here to see Energetic Classes.


More advanced class. Students are encouraged to go to their edge safely and purposefully. Good for experienced students who have mastered the basic alignment principles and are eager for a challenge. Click Here to see Powerful Classes.
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